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The Norwegian Air Force 1940.




















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The Norwegian Air Force 1940.

In 1940 the Norwegian Air Force was not very well developed. In northern Norway the entire air force consisted of 6 Fokker aeroplanes stationed in Finn mark. This was "Hålogaland Aircraft Division".

During the German attach on Norway, 9th April 1940 this division were ordered to "Bardufoss" airport to participate in the on going battles.

After a dramatic journey through Snowstorms and emergency landings the group reach "Bardufoss". Joined by a "Tiger Moth" observation plane, the six "Fokkers" were immediately put to service.

The pilots flew countless missions observing and photographing German movements and strongholds. Even bomb attacks were carried out. They even developed their own bombsight, called "The German Killer"…..

16th of April Fokker 381 is scrapped caused by German machine gun fire.

20th of April Fokker 379 crashes at "Målselv Airfield". In heavy wind the pilot couldn't get his plane airborne, so he cut his engine and managed to steer the plane between the pillars of a bridge, realising he couldn't manage to fly over the bridge.

25 th of April Fokker 383 is lost in heavy whether. Both pilots parachuted to safety. When the snow starts to melt, other problems turn up. The crew only had two pairs of wheels for the remaining planes…..

4 th of May Fokker 389 ran into a dramatic dogfight south of Bardufoss Airfield. Both pilots,
ltn.Eggen and scout Håkon Kyllingmark are both seriously injured. Ltn. Eggen suffers most while trapped in the wreck with the engine resting in his lap. The Fokker crashed at a speed of 200 km.h. and it's a miracle they both survived the impact. Kyllingmark passed out several times, while going for help suffering a broken ankle.

RAF ofiser
RAF pilot.
F7th of May Fokker 387 crashes at "Kirkenes" and one of the pilots was injured.

10th of May came 10 planes from the south of Norway and that were a welcome reinforcement to the Norwegian Air Force. When the Norwegian capitulate 10th of Juni
the division had 6 Fokker Aeroplanes and 5 Tiger Moth left.

The Norwegian Air Force 1940.

The Norwegian Air Force 1940.


The invation of Norway 9.april to 10th June. Operation "Weserübung".

The German campaign in Norway were short but cost a lot of lives. Behind every single anonymous figure there is tragedy and human suffering hidden in these numbers.

853 Norwegians lost their life in the campaign. About 1000 was wounded, some for lifetime.

566 of those who lost their lives belonged to the Norwegian Army.
283 came from the navy.
4 came from the air force.

185 civilians, not participating in military actions, lost their lives.

3700 Germans were killed. 2400 of them serving the German Navy -"Krigsmarine".

2500 British soldiers lost their lives in the campaign, most of them at sea.

500 of the soldiers from France and Poland were either killed ore taken to prison.

About 100 Norwegian aircraft were destroyed.

All in all, 35 German vessels were sunk: 6 submarines, 3 heavy cruisers, 10 destroyers (Zerstörers), 1 torpedo boat, plus 15 boats of various make and model.

112 British aircrafts were lost.

242 German planes were destroyed, about one third transportation aircrafts.

4000 buildings were completely destroyed.

10000 buildings partly damaged.

300 bridges were blown up.

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